04.11.2012How To Get More Paid Texts From Cash Texts

The whole purpose of the Cash Texts concept is to make it a win-win situation for the advertisers to reach their respective target market. The only way for the advertisers within Cash Texts to know who to send their ads to is if, and only if you and everyone in your network has taken the time to properly fill out their preferences on the “Favorites” tab. If you haven’t done that yet, you are defeating the purpose of signing up! Below is the direct link to the tool you need to visit to choose your selections.


The advertisers choose which group to send text messages to based on the categories our members have selected. For instance, if a pet store wants to send a targeted text message they will send it to the group that has selected “Shopping – Pets.” This way they can expect a better ROI (Return On Investment), since the Pet Owners list is a more targeted demographic group and more likely to engage with the deal they’d be offering.

So, for you to receive the maximum amount of text messages you must go in and choose your Favorites. Be realistic and honest when you choose. And help the people you have referred do the same thing. Watch this video to see how to make your selections correctly: [Shortened for brevity].


Listen, the success of Cash Texts depends on the advertisers to find us in the first place. So take a moment and send an email to everyone in your Cash Texts network and stress the fact that if they truly want to make money, they will need to go back into their back office and double check their Favorites Selections are fine tuned. Then All Is Right With The World. :o).

P.S. Don’t be afraid to open texts that apply to you – you’ll experience great savings!

03.30.2012 Big Cash Texts Announcement!
Below I am posting the actual email I just got the other day from none other than Cash Texts. I received this email right when I was on the phone with another person who called me asking about this very thing. “When are they going to start sending out the texts?” I had no answer. In fact, I told him that I wasn’t really worried about it since this wasn’t costing me any money – b/c it’s free to join. Any way, read for yourselves. Already I’ve started seeing my texts coming in and it’s only Tuesday  April 3, 2012. This is GREAT news! Make sure you go into your back office and get “MOBILE VERIFIED!” or you won’t get paid from Cash Texts – which defeats the purpose you signed up in the first place!

Here is your latest Cash Texts News Update

—————————– Texts will start flowing next week!


——————————CashTexts is now ready to move forward in a big way! We have more advertisers lined up than ever before, and our plan is to begin sending out national targeted offers next week. With that in mind, you will want to get your team up to receive the ads successfully. It’s important that all US members ensure that they are “mobile verified.”

First: Add “CashTexts” to your Contact List on your Mobile Phone, and store the number as 69302. Then, when we send a text to you, you will see “CashTexts” in the “From” field instead of our short code 69302.  Again, you do this by creating a new contact in your phone. The phone number will be 69302. The name of the contact will be CashTexts.

If your Mobile Number is not verified. Try this:

Text the word cashtexts to 69302. It will text you back a four digit code and a link.

This is the link: http://cashtexts.com/code

Go to that link and enter that four digit code. That will verify your Mobile Phone.

If you don’t receive the four digit code on your phone, you may need to call your carrier and ask them to unblock short codes.(specifically 69302) Have them try this too:

Text ‘help’ to 40404. That’s Twitter’s short code.

Text ‘google’ to google. Google’s short code is google.

If you get replies from Twitter and Google, text ‘sneaker’ to 69302 to test short codes on your Mobile Phone.

Finally, you must fully complete your back office profile. It is very important to fill out every field. When your Profile page is complete, please move on to the “Favorites” page.  We have added many new categories over the past few months. Please look back through even if you have made your choices already. We have more to choose from now.

Two Cash Texts co-founders are stepping aside

We extend our very best wishes to Kenny Gardner and Kristian Hoenicke.

Kenny has been battling throat cancer and will need time to focus on chemotherapy treatments.  Please remember him in your thoughts and prayers.  If you have been contacting him directly, please redirect any company related calls to our 209-CASH-TXT hotline.

Kristian Hoenicke is stepping out of his corporate role to pursue other local marketing opportunities and to handle some family matters.

Again, we wish Kenny and Kristian the very best in the future and are grateful for their help in getting Cash Texts off the ground!

Best regards,

The Cash Texts Team


Thanks so much!  Please do not reply to this e-mail.  It is
only for notification purposes, and regular e-mails will
respect your ON or Paused settings in the back office.

The Cash Texts Support Team

Cash Texts, LLC
14 McKenna Commonts Ct ~ Suite 14
Greenville SC 29615
Opt-out from your Member Center



02.23.2012New News to yet another type of pay-card. This one is called the iCareCard. Dubbed the “Give Back” Program. On the face of it, it does appear to offer more benefits than the Global Cash Card. Do we really need another? There’s a one-time S/H fee of $4.95. I’ve posted some more helpful information below about what DebitDeals is also. Edited for brevity, be sure to visit CashTexts.com for a complete description.

Your iCareCard rewards card

image of iCareCard with CashTexts.com logo

Check out all of these benefits that you receive with your iCareCard:

  • Earn a 5 cents CASH REWARD with each purchase of at least $10.00
  • Save BIG with merchant rebates — all cards are automatically enrolled in DebitDeals
  • Save 3 cents per gallon of gas anywhere in the U.S.
  • Earn Cash Back at over 1,000 Online Merchants
  • Save with Discounts and Coupons on Travel, Entertainment, Groceries, Prescriptions, and more.
  • Manage your OWN daily and WEEKLY spending limits — a great budgeting tool!
  • No need to change banks, your account is funded from your current checking account, or by a 3rd party such as Cash Texts paying you commissions!
  • No reload, transaction, or monthly fees
  • Set your own text or email card balance notifications
  • View your transactions online anytime

Best of all, each time you use your card you will be earning donations for yourself and for your favorite charity!


Non-Profit Participation

image of iCareCARD labeled Pennies to You. Priceless to Them.

DebitDeals believes that the generosity of our merchant community must benefit the whole community, so we require that each cardholder’s cash “give back” reward from local merchants be shared with non-profit organizations. There is a place to submit your favorite charity for consideration to the DebitDeals program.

02.01.2012 Monday Training Call Remember each Monday there is a training call is held and you should try to attend if your schedule permits. If not, no worries, the call is recorded and you can listen to it at your earliest convenience. These calls are all valuable and should not be ignored. If you want to know what’s going on and what’s coming, this is the fastest way to stay up to date other than visiting this helpful site.

01.23.20124-Digit Code Remind your referrals that they will be getting a 4-digit code sent to their phones immediately after signing up to Cash Texts. The reason is to make everyone aware of this as to not delete this number because it’s what allows them to be properly verified. If for some reason you accidentally delete, lose, don’t get this four digit code, send a an email to support@cashtexts.com and they will help you with this.     Be sure to include your mobile number, along with your name and email address associated with your account for the fastest help.

01.11.2012CashTexts.com Compensation Revisited The money has been adjusted for the better. Below is the a snapshot of what the current pay scale will be. To make it easier, think of it this way. Every person is worth $4.50 to you. Refer to 01.09.2012 entry.

01.10.2012Are They Sending Out Texts Yet? Well, not yet. I thought I was getting one here and there but these weren’t sent from Cashtexts.com. Anyway, turns out they have not been sending any texts out to date. However the word is that by February 2012, everyone should be getting their 5 texts per day or whatever amount you agreed to receive.

01.09.2012Let’s Talk About The Money! Some of you still may not see what you have in front of you here and the viral nature involved. Let me break it down to you here. In essence with the change in the compensation plan. Used to be you would get 0.05 on the texts you personally receive and 0.04, 0.03, 0.02, 0.01 down to your fifth level. Well that’s been adjusted to 0.05 on your  texts and 0.03 on everybody else that comes into your network whether you brought them in or not. OR said another way, each person is worth $4.50 to you. Multiply that out X 100 and your looking at $450.00 for that month. Use whatever multiple you wish. Do you realize how easy it is to get up to 100 folks in your network? I can tell you that you won’t have any idea who they are., they will be brought in by someone else in your network that you don’t know!

01.04.2012New Look For The New Year! It will take a little getting used to but I like the second logo better. Anyway, this is what it will look like from now on.

As a side note: They are still hammering out the details for the Global Cash Card and working on getting our commissions posted soon. That’s good news because I thought the commissions were already posted. So I guess I got more money coming my way! REMINDER! Click on the commissions tab an make sure you’ve filled out the GCC account data completely if you don’t want any hangups on your earnings. While you’re at it, make sure your profile is completely filled out and your favorites too. Now don’t go crazy with the favorites page, only fill out the ones you are truly interested in. This allows for a more targeted offer being sent your way.

01.01.2012HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s Talk About Commissions!

Image of MasterCard and Visa Global Cash Cards The first commissions for 2012 will post tomorrow! I’m excited!  My network has grown tremendously, and it’s all being done virally without my help. In order to get paid though, you will need to fill out the required information to receive your Global Cash Card MasterCard debit card which will be mailed to you. Can you say, “convienient?” Please note that you may not receive your GCC for a week or so after the 1st commission run. They are working hard to get them out a fast as possible.

12.17.2011Call Replay! If you missed yesterdays call, CLICK HERE for the replay. This will be up through 04/30/2013 and then it’s gone forever! It’s under 30 minutes.

12.16.2011Conference Call! You’re in luck, 9 PM EST. tonight CashTexts is having a conference call introducing the founders and other big announcements pertaining to the direction of Cash Texts. If you have a moment, you may want to listen in on the call. Below I’ve included the relevant info to join in. I hope they decide to record this call for replay later. Conference call number 209.647.1600 Participant access code: XXXXXX. All previous conference calls can still be found and listened to from the Cash Texts website. Just scroll back through the information feeds. Scroll back to December for this one.

12.16.2011 – Commissions Are Here! Finally there is now a commissions tab available to view your earnings through all levels. There will also be an Advertiser’s commissions page as well for those of you who have referred advertisers to this system. Don’t count yourself out by saying, “I can never land a big advertiser” Keep in mind advertisers come in all sizes. Talk to the little mom-n-pop stores in your area, you’ll be surprised at how many will say YES!

12.15.2011 Payday Is Near! Payday is on it’s way (for the first 3 texts that were sent) along with a new facelift for the site which should make it easier to navigate. Cash Texts appears to be establishing the paydays up for the 1st and the 15th of every month. UGH! The first and the fifteenth brings back ugly memories of a job:o). We can also standby for a support forum that will be instituted. That’s cool because a lot of your questions can be answered through the forum quicker since other members can chime in on your questions.

12.12.2011 Refer Some Advertisers! All you’ll need to do is refer them to your affiliate link => http://www.cashtexts.com/adverise/YOURAFFLINK. You earn a whopping 10% of whatever the advertiser spends on SMS marketing through Cash Texts, you personally refer. To view any advertisers you referred, simply click on the “Referrals” tab and then click on Switch view to ‘Advertiser Referrals.’ To get a clear understanding of what fees advertiser’s will pay, I submit to you to visit the Cash Texts website. That makes more sense than me posting it here simply because prices are subject to change.

12.03.2011Preparing For Tax Season, As all of you are well aware – tax season is slowly and quickly creeping up on us. This means we have to fill out the ol’ W9’s, 1099’s and whatever else kind of 9’s they want. Not to fret though, this is easily handled through technology via fax, email, electronic signature etc. Yeah, it’s pain sometimes but what are gonna do? As for Cash Texts, they have a blub on the Member Center page stating as much. Just keep this in mind – you have to do it if you want to get Paid!

Anybody who wants to see what they’ve earned will need to be supply their SSN first (US members) and check three boxes indictating they have read and agree to the most recent Terms Of Use and Affiliate Member Agreement and agree to electronically signing that information.

That form will be ready shortly. [shortened for brevity].

11.25.2011What To Look Out For, the types of texts to look out for: Look for text messages that have a short URL of www.txts.cc in the header of your text. This will redirect to the correct URL on the Cash Texts page

11.24.2011BLACK FRIDAY, IT BEGINS! Cash Texts officially launches tomorrow. No better time for a select group of advertisers to start texting their deals out to the masses than the busiest shopping day of the year! Now you will not get any texts if you don’t fit their target market. If you’re like me and you choose to receive the max 5 texts per day, you may not start off getting five texts, it may be less. Then it builds up to the max. Here’s what they are asking you to do right now:

  1. Login to your Member Center: http://www.cashtexts.com/member/home/
  2. Start configuring you “Favs” [by clicking on the favorites button]
  3. Be sure that you have “Receiving Texts” turned to ON
  4. Complete all the setting in the “Profile” section

By doing the above, you now become a target (for lack of a better term) for the advertisers to reach. Cash Texts are asking us all to be patient here in the beginning in regards to tracking the amount of texts your network gets. Don’t worry, they are keeping track of everything in the back office, so you will not miss out on any payments due you. Our own dashboard will be set up shortly so that we will be able to track it ourselves.

11.23.2011 URGENT UPDATE! Cashtexts.com will be announcing in the next 24 hours when the site will be going LIVE! If you’ve wondered when you’d be able to make your preferences of the type of  instant texts you want to receive., well the wait is over. Within the next 24 hours you will be able to do so from the now visible “Favorites” button. The site is saying,

“Please do not choose more than 80% of the categories you see of you will automatically disqualify yourself from receiving paid text messages” (You will see a warning message if you go over 80%, at which point, just de-select any categories you really don’t need or feel you would respond to via SMS).

The reason for this is limit folks from selecting 100% of the offer types knowing full well you wouldn’t be interested in computers for example if you’re not a techy or have an interest in computers in the first place. This also allows the advertisers to market only to a more targeted audience.

So, you can now go into favorites and start selecting your choice of free texts categories and sub categories. Initially, these won’t count as “paid texts” at this time.

Remember to check back here for further updates on Cashtexts.com

~Met Rivers

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