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Look, I’m done with Cashtexts! I haven’t seen a dime from this tool. Now they’re forcing me to purchase a tool I don’t want in order to keep my team! That’s BS! If you land on this site and you want to make money online, here’s what I’m doing today: Logo

Please Note: I am a real person & I will answer live questions about the Cash Texts. You will not find a more current and complete review of Cash Texts anywhere on the web.

08.09.2013 This will be my final update to this site, please read!
As you can see by the dates, I haven’t promoted this particular system in some time. I’m going to save you a lot of time here. Simply go over to this site to catch up on what I’m doing today.

Why has mobile messaging become so popular? Well it’s always been here and has always been popular since the smart phone invention. It has evolved into a more user friendly application over the years of course. It was only a matter of time before someone thought of a way to monetize it such as Cash Texts has done. Consider this:Note – This is a review site. To go to official website CLICK HERE.

  • Over 2.5 Trillion texts messages were sent last year alone.
  • Text messages get opened within the first 5 minutes and 95% of who receive them open them up.
  • 86% of Americans own a cell phone.
Photo of a group of hands holding mobile phones

SMS Text Message Marketing

  • Mobile Pages – this allows us to have better view webpages on our phone screens
  • Mobile Coupons – are just that, coupons on our phones, only you don’t have to cut them out. You just show the retailer your phone instead and it’s happily accepted.
  • Maps – Goggle maps comes to mind though there are many other maps apps
  • Click to Call – Allows you to just click on the phone number and simply dial the number since you’re already on a mobile device
  • SMS – Text messaging is what this is. This could involve keywords and short codes that you could own outright
  • Directions – Getting directions to a location for an advertisement you just clicked on is a very convenient way to quickly find the business you’re looking for to take advantage of the discount you’re interested in

image of Facebook thumbs upLike us to grow your CashTexts network using GVO’s powerful marketing tools!”

Photo of mobile phone cartoon labeled sms

Text Mobile is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. It is already Main Stream. There are many mobile platforms that come to mind such as Foursquare, Footfeed, all of your normal social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. The list is almost endless. There are also sites such as Yelp that allows patrons to rate and review a dining experience while sitting at the table. Have you noticed that restaurants today are far more attentive our needs now a days? That’s because we now have the power to slam them immediately through out instant reviews for all the local world to see. It’s now in their best interest to do an outstanding job or the online review could spell disaster for them.Receive Texts

Blue circle with sms in center
Receive Texts

This is where the rubber meets the road. Getting paid to receive texts. Cash Texts has come along and introduced a way for anyone to get paid through the process of receiving text offers from advertisers. They opened the doors for all to start joining their system on October 4, 2011. When I got involved with this new program, there were less than 3 thousand people in the entire system., now there are almost 30,000. About 500 people per day join in on this program. This tells me that Cash Texts is going viral very quickly. Another promising clue for me is while doing my research for this site there were only about 1800 Global Monthly Searches for the term “Cash Texts Review” now there are well over 3000. 96% of my network is made up of folks I’ve never personally met. That’s tremendous growth in a short time span. This will continue to explode because it’s 100% free to join and founders of this system say it always will be.You choose what type of texts you want to receive:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Food and Drink
  • Music
  • Politics
  • Shopping
  • Beauty
  • Entertainment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Sports
  • Summer Sports
  • Winter Sports
  • Business Opportunities
  • Freebies
  • Luxury Marketplace
  • Computers and Internet
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Community
  • Automotive
  • Home
  • Travel
  • Events
  • Activities

As you can see, there is are tons of options to choose from. Something for just about everyone. I will state here as a side note. I am joining this strictly to make money and not for the purposes of staking my claim for a primary company to join. To be honest, I don’t know how this will progress mainly because this is too new and there is so little information to go on. Personally my gut tells me this will be a profitable endeavor for all involved based on what I see so far. But no one can give you a solid answer just yet. Run away if they do. Click Here to Visit Cash Texts Main Website.

What don’t I like about Cash Texts: (the cons)

  • First of all there is very little information to find anywhere about them at the time of this writing. Today you can find far more information and I continue to place that new information on the updates tab of this site.
  • The back office is not finished – so there is no way to track what you earn! This is stupid! The number one thing people are concerned [PAY] with isn’t available yet. Now you are able to access this information on the official website.
  • Data rates WILL apply – This is not stressed enough on the official site. Keep an eye on the amount of texts to decide to receive and compare that against what your carrier charges you. Remember 5 texts/day will be upwards of 150 more texts per month.
  • Don’t expect to make $7K your first month, it will take time for the average person to build up to that. Unless you already have a large network of followers. The big money will be made quicker to those who focus’ more on signing advertisers vs. individuals.

What I do like about Cash Texts: (the pros)

  • There’s incentive for everyone to join – they pay you to receive text messages.
  • The potential to make money from a daily habit most people have already – so there’s nothing you have to think about to get involved
  • This is totally FREE to join – always a plus in my book. There are no monthly fees to maintain.
  • Text messaging is mainstream and has the ability to go viral very quickly – this lends to the reason I stated above. I joined to make money and I have a feeling it will produce well in the short term. Long term will be a benefit for us all.
  • Cash Texts requires each member to through a “double opt-in” mobile phone verification process. The importance of this fact makes Cash Texts’ 27,500+ member list extremely valuable for the advertiser’s they’re wanting to attract.
  • No meetings to attend and there’s nothing for you to buy.

My final thoughts on Cash Texts:

First let me just say, “Before you decide to take into account any information you read from a review site seriously, make sure that it carries the most up to date compensation plan.” This will be a tell tale sign on whether the site is even still relevant. As for my final thoughts here, well this is a first for me. Most times when I review something, I can actually complete it because there was enough information out there to research. Not so in the case of Cash Texts. This is turning out to be a “Wait And See” review. I am in a position where I am unable to finish this until the information becomes available to me. Until then, Thank you for visiting my site. There has been further updates with Cash Texts. Most of which I’ve entered on the updates tab of this site.~Met Rivers I can’t envision making more money from receiving texts messaging than you do from good old fashioned online marketing. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Cash Texts is making it pretty easy for someone to market their free texts system through a viral Facebook video.

QR code for Cash Texts
QR Code

 Or you could use the affiliate link assigned to you QR codes are another way of marketing your link. Quick response is what that stands for, it’s basically a bar code. These can also be scanned with a QR scanner from a smart phone. Cash Texts Data CenterThe flagship location of the data center is Bluffdale, UT.

  • Building is fully owned, not leased
  • Multiple generators instead of one
  • Much newer equipment
  • Tier III data center standards (Orem was Tier II)
  • 36″ raised floor (Orem was around 24″)
  • Peering point for several more network providers
  • The new facility is home to big names such as Twitter and
Photo of data center full of servers ceiling to floor
Data Center

This offers a bit of assurance that they are prepared for the worst that could happen.~Met Rivers

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Get Paid To

Get Paid To (GTP) is a variation of a cost per action or CPA network such as Daily Income Network. The obvious difference here is you get paid to receive SMS text offers from assorted advertisers. The system is still currently still in phase II Beta Test mode but will soon be going fully live as I understand it in the next couple days. Phase II simply means you have the ability to set your preferences.

Photo of mobile phone with an arm extended out of screen holding money

Get Paid To

This company is based and owned in the United States which I’m happy about personally. A group of investors apparently got together and brainstormed this concept up. This is exactly how businesses and great ideas are born. I cannot tell you who these investors are at this time because they are choosing to remain unknown at this time. If you’re advertising through get paid to Cash Texts however, you will have direct access to the founders.

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Receive Texts

Cartoon of mobile phone holding money with dollar sign eyes and smiling big

Cash Texts

Is this the next one, the first one, or something you should just ignore? It seems that at every turn, there is something new on the block promising riches beyond our wildest dreams. Cashtexts kinda falls into that category, though not promising riches, they elude to what’s possible if you grow this in the way they suggest. It’s really funny to me that with all the many money making offers that come through my emails, I simply delete 98% of them and give a good thorough look at the remaining two percent. There seemed to be something to this one so I gave it a closer look. The potential is there and may prove to be a one of those great decisions I made ‘after the fact’. I’ll give this a good once over, and give you the low down on what I uncover. This review I’m doing for you here is designed solely for the purpose of disseminating information out there that most of us don’t have the time to research on our own because of our busy lives.

Click here to visit the Cash Texts official site


Street sign which reads "No Texting While Driving"

No Texting While Driving

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